The Chilling Simple


Livingston Press, 2018      BUY THE BOOK!

Young Nora Pirrip has lost her entire family to a mysterious plague-like illness. After her recovery, while searching for answers she forms a close bond with a secretive doctor and those who work in his household. As these relationships grow closer, village mysteries begin to unravel. Who is stealing bodies from the village graveyard? How did the blacksmith die? What happened to the midwife’s sister? Where did Nora’s mother go, all those years she was missing? What is going on in the big house on the hill? The stories of the other Chilling families and inhabitants intersect with Nora’s search for the meaning of and the answers about her family’s deaths. Eventually, Nora’s quest disrupts all those around her.

ISBN: 978-1-60489-213-7 Hardcover / ISBN: 978-1-60489-212-9 Paperback